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Platypus most lively during the day!

Open every day.

For the latest information including any changed park hours please visit our Facebook page

Yes we are open on Labour Day.

No Fishing

Currently fishing is not available in our lake. We are working on offering fishing activities again in the near future.

We will let everyone know when the fishing is back by posting to facebook, and on our website.

The Park and its natural surroundings are a place of interest for families and groups wanting to participate in activities such as platypus tours, fishing, camping and dining at the Smokehouse Cafe.

If you are touring the region, please consider Tarzali Lakes as a worthy stopover that will provide something of interest and enjoyment for everyone.

We also host special events such as weddings, birthday and Christmas parties, staff functions and community fundraisers. If you are interested in booking a special event wih us please contact us.

Enjoy our licensed Smokehouse Cafe with a range of good values meals, beer, wine and softdrinks.

Platypus breeding season - January to March
The platypus breeding season runs from January to March - During this time, our friends are a bit more reclusive than normal.

The Platypus lake is a natural habitat and the Platypus are not a captive population with easily accessible burrows and up close and personal sightings like those held in wildlife parks and zoos, and even then they can be hard to spot. This means the Platypus are free to roam all over the lake area and can make spotting them difficult.

At this time of year Platypus spotting can be more difficult as he females are looking after the young in the burrows, only leaving to eat before returning to care for their young.

And what are the Males doing while the females look after the young? What they normally do, they do not look after the young at all, and do not concern themselves with the burrows.

Please be patient when spotting Platypus at this time of year, you can still see them at the Australian Platypus Park at Tarzali Lakes.