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Tarzali Lakes Aquaculture Centre, incorporating the Australian Platypus Park is uniquely positioned to capitalise on three growing revenue streams: aquaculture production, well established tourism assets and boutique smokehouse.

We are seeking investor(s) to take over or take up a minimum 50% interest to enable us to take our operation to the next level. Current shareholders will deliver an unencumbered title and can reinvest up to 25% of the raised funds.

Major project highlight:

  • 40 acres of stunning pastoral and accredited nature reserve located on the southern end of the fertile Atherton Tableland.
  • Fully licensed aquaculture operation complete with 16 ponds and related infrastructure, with capacity to produce up to 50 tons of fish.
  • Integrated tourism facilities including organised platypus viewing with regular bus tours, a 70 seat licenced restaurant, camping and general public activity such as family fishing, group catering and ceremonies.
  • Value adding smokehouse with a growing reputation for producing unique hand crafted smallgoods.

Other highlights:

  • 600 mature macadamia trees (not in production)
  • Spring fed platypus pond with large adult population that attracts local and international visitors
  • Accredited nature reserve with natural native animals such as the tree kangaroo
  • Fenced pasture land running up to 12 head of cattle
  • Permanent creek with generous water drawing rights
  • Perpetual "Aquaculture zoning" 3.75 hectares of which only less than 1 hectare currently in use.
  • Capacity to expand aquaculture production
  • Permit for 20 powered site van and camping ground with potential to apply for lake front eco cabins.
  • Spare capacity to increase production in the smokehouse
  • Ability to attract more functions to the Smokehouse Café
  • liquor licence
  • Collaborative marketing with other tourist venues in the region
  • Potential to attract a greater number of tourism operators for platypus viewing and smoked good sampling
  • Substantial main road frontage

Tarzali Lakes Fishing Park's slippery road to success - Cairns Post 22nd September 2010 courtesy of the wayback machine.

- Cairns Post Real Estate Guide 25 July 2015

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Our prospectus is available on application.
Please contact us to obtain the prospectus.